Monday, February 16, 2009

Mai Thai

750 W Main Street

Time: 5-6:30 M-F 9-10 M-TH
Special: daily bottled beer selection $2, 2 for 1 wells $5, mojitos $5
Appetizer specials
Rating: 4 martinis
Smoking: no

Food specials!
satay (chicken, pork or tofu)
spring roll or summer roll
thai wing
three flavors popcorn chicken
imperial vegetable potsticker
thai taco
asian chicken lettuce wraps
seafood packets
lotus dim sum

Matt and I went out for drinks for my birthday! I have gone to Mai Thai on my birthday every year it has been open except one when I was out of town. The bar area was nearly vacant but the restaurant looked mostly full.

Thomas was our bartender. He gave us the low down and we quickly ordered a beverage and appetizers. While the appetizers are cheap, they are also very small. I’m not complaining, because they were very tasty! I’m just saying that you should not expect to get the same item you would get on the regular menu. I ordered the summer roll and the satay. Mai Thai’s summer roll is one of my favorites. I often attempt to recreate it and think I come very close, but there is nothing like having someone else make it for you! ……especially on your birthday. My only problem of the night is Thomas trying to rush us off. Thirty minutes after receiving our drinks, he asked if we were ready to tab out… was before 7! He qualified it with “you don’t look like drinkers”. Well that is good but it was my birthday!! I at least enjoyed my company. We moved on…..but I’ll be back sometime…..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


601 Main Street

Time: 3-6 M-F
Special: $5 infused martinis and $3 select appetizers
Rating: 4 martinis
Smoking: no

Pair is a swanky restaurant at the corner of 6th and Main Streets. The bar area provides great seating with swivel, jetson-like chairs and faux leather sofas. The other side of the establishment is more restaurant than bar but the line of transition is a bit blurred, allowing for easy spill over from either side.

The martinis on special include Blackberry, Tangerine, Strawberry, Rosemary Lemon Drop, and a Mango concoction. I tried the Rosemary Lemon Drop and was pleasantly surprised. It had just the right amount of everything in it.

The appetizer specials include the mini wimpi burger, artichoke spread, hummus, edemame, age tofu, and pommes frites. I ordered the hummus. It came with a generous portion, along with pita wedges and olive tapenade. The hummus was fine but not spectacular. The tapenade was nothing more than pimento stuffed green olives chopped. While not very impressive it was adequate for $3.

The service was good and the ambiance was great. The happy hour selection isn’t vast but is perfect if you are after something a bit different. During warmer months, outdoor seating is available for great people watching. I also noticed that Pair serves brunch on weekends with $6 bottomless mimosas. I’ll have to return on a weekend soon!