Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WilliB's Saloon
225 N 5th Street

Time: all the time
Special: $3 wells; $4 well martinis
Rating: 2.5 martinis
Smoking: no
Other mentions: seating outside, bike rack

WilliB’s Saloon is located in a rather unlikely location on the corner of 5th and Idaho Streets. What was once a retro clothing shop has now been renovated into a saloon. I was dubious at first by the name but upon stepping inside, the owners definitely captured that saloon feel. With the wooden tabletops and benches and old style barstools, I kept half expecting to find sawdust on the floor and a hitching post outside….they did install a bike rack though, so big bonus points there!

WilliB’s big draw is the $3 wells and $4 martinis all the time. I ordered up a well and my friend ordered a gin martini. My drink arrived in a tall skinny glass that wasn’t fussy nor beyond expectations. My friend’s martini arrived in a rather tiny martini glass that made us both look at each other questionably until the shaker was placed next to it with the remaining contents, which worked out to be a few more glasses worth. We enjoyed the concept and the retro look of it.

WilliB’s has a small food menu with a rotating selection of sandwiches and the like. The prices seemed reasonable but we did not try any of the food. Once striking feature of the place was for such a small venue there were 4 televisions. Good place to catch a game, I suppose. All in all, it was a fun place to try, prices were reasonable, service was good, and it is not like any other bar in town.