Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where are the happy hour posts??

Sorry there have not been any posts here for a long time. I actually accepted a job in a different state and moved away! But I still have a home in Boise so I do return several times a year. I will try to get better at posting BHH updates when I do get to town. In the mean time, keep me posted on new places I should try while I'm in town! Cheers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mark your calendars....Pub Crawl - 4 September!

The unofficial end of summer calls for a pub crawl. But this isn’t just any pub crawl; this one includes bikes and local fare!

We will make our way amongst the Boise breweries, swilling tasty local brews, all the while helping the environment (our pocketbooks, waistlines, and public safety) by riding our bicycles!

Current itin:
11:30 - Meet at firemans memorial

12:00 – Sockeye

1:30 - Dutch Goose (not a brewery but local and a good stop btwn SE and HH)

3:00 - Highlands Hollow

4:30 – Tablerock Brewpub

6:00 – The Ram

7:30 - Gernika if we are still able to ride

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wandering Wednesdays at Pizzalchik
Corner of State Street and Gary Lane

Time: Wednesdays 6-10
Special: $10.95 includes all you can eat pizza and a beverage
Rating: 4.5 martinis
Smoking: no
Other mentions: Patio

I have heard great things about this establishment over the years so when a friend recently suggested we check out Wandering Wednesday, I was game. Our plan, arrive as close to 6pm as possible and grab a table near the kitchen so we could have first pick of the offerings. The price includes all you can eat pizza and a soda or beer (pbr/oly style). You can upgrade to a fancier beer for a buck or two. They have a nice selection of craft beers on tap, albeit a little heavy on the IPA side. We went with the pizzal drizzle (sp??). Tasty, malty brew- perfect after the long bike ride over.

The pizzas come out quickly and they offer quite a variety of tasty pies. We saw plenty of wild mushrooms, elk sausage, slivered squash, seafood, fresh basil,Cajun, even mac n cheese. Don’t like fancy pie? No worries; there were some basic offerings of pepperoni or cheese. Vegetarian? Several options came around throughout the evening. My favorite combination, surprisingly, was the salmon and caper pie. I don’t even really like salmon but this duo was so perfect together.

Pizzalchik was definitely worth every mile of the long, hot bike ride over! I definitely look forward to trying out another Wandering Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ben's Crow Inn Ride

boise happy hours is hosting a fun ride out to Ben's Crow Inn to check out their beer and food! We will meet at 5:30 Thursday 29 July at the Anne Frank Memorial and ride the greenbelt out to BCI! Any bike is welcome; this is just a fun, casual ride. Costumes are always encouraged but not necessary.

bike beer eat beer bike!

*can't go at 5:30 meet us out there later! We'll be there a while!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

stay tuned.....

faithful readers,
My apologies for not posting any happy hours lately. I was on three weeks of travel and then broke my nose as soon as I returned to Boise. I'm having surgery this week, so no happy hour for me until at least next week. I promise to make it up to you however!

I did recently visit Solid in the 8th Street Marketplace and will post my review while I'm convalescing.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jumpin' Janets

547 Vista Avenue

Time: 4-7 M-F
Special: wells 2 for $3 (really a very strong double for $3!)
Rating: 4 martinis
Smoking: no
Other mentions:

My friends and I decided to pop in here for happy hour yesterday. I was very happy to see the "no smoking" sign on the door when I entered. I was also pleased to find happy hour is a double for $3- M-F 4-7.

This particular evening table service was provided. The server was friendly and quick. After a couple of drinks, we thought it would be smart to order some food and were surprised by the menu options available- sandwiches, salads, and burgers. One friend ordered the spicy chicken sandwich ($6.75), while i shared a prime rib dip ($7.75)with the other friend. Both sandwiches came with a side salad.

This being somewhat of a dive bar, we really didn't have high hopes for the food but were hungry. Well we were VERY surprised at what we got. The salad had romaine lettuce with tomatoes and grated cheese (no iceberg in sight!). The chicken sandwich wasn't a fried chicken patty but a chicken breast with a tasty sauce. The dip was an amazing amount of sliced prime rib, not deli meat in the least, served up on a tasty roll with a very nice au jus.

I came here for the happy hour; I will return for the food!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pho Nouveau

780 W Idaho Street

Time: 4-6 M-F
Special: All beer and wine 2 for 1; ½ off appetizers
Rating: 4 martinis
Smoking: no
Other mentions: outside seating during warmer months

This little gem opened up in the old Falcon location in the heart of downtown but I had yet to visit so I made a point to pop in on this brisk winter’s eve. The restaurant is decorated modestly with plenty of seating for such a small establishment. The lay out is still very much as it was with the previous folks but modernized just a bit.

I was very surprised to find all of their drinks on the happy hour specials, even bottled drinks. I ordered up a sake which came in an individual bottle warmed, while my friend enjoyed the plum wine. The menu offered up a nice selection of beers with options spanning Asia. The wine selection was also nice but most options from the U.S.

With ½ off appetizers we would be crazy not to try at least a couple. We ordered the Summer Rolls with Tofu (normally $5.50) and the Sizzling Saigon Crepe (normally $5.75). Both were fantastic. The Summer Rolls came with a very light peanut sauce that provided a delicate flavor without over powering the rolls. The crepe was something I had never had before. It was filled with shrimp and chicken, served with herbs, cucumber, and carrots, and lettuce to wrap around it. Very tasty.

When we first arrived, our service was great with the server being very attentive. But as our time there progressed, the service got a little spotty. I couldn’t tell if a different server had taken over and we were just forgotten about or if our server had just gotten overwhelmed with tables. We still very much enjoyed the food, drinks, and atmosphere. We would definitely return and try some of the other tasty offerings on the menu!