Friday, August 6, 2010

Wandering Wednesdays at Pizzalchik
Corner of State Street and Gary Lane

Time: Wednesdays 6-10
Special: $10.95 includes all you can eat pizza and a beverage
Rating: 4.5 martinis
Smoking: no
Other mentions: Patio

I have heard great things about this establishment over the years so when a friend recently suggested we check out Wandering Wednesday, I was game. Our plan, arrive as close to 6pm as possible and grab a table near the kitchen so we could have first pick of the offerings. The price includes all you can eat pizza and a soda or beer (pbr/oly style). You can upgrade to a fancier beer for a buck or two. They have a nice selection of craft beers on tap, albeit a little heavy on the IPA side. We went with the pizzal drizzle (sp??). Tasty, malty brew- perfect after the long bike ride over.

The pizzas come out quickly and they offer quite a variety of tasty pies. We saw plenty of wild mushrooms, elk sausage, slivered squash, seafood, fresh basil,Cajun, even mac n cheese. Don’t like fancy pie? No worries; there were some basic offerings of pepperoni or cheese. Vegetarian? Several options came around throughout the evening. My favorite combination, surprisingly, was the salmon and caper pie. I don’t even really like salmon but this duo was so perfect together.

Pizzalchik was definitely worth every mile of the long, hot bike ride over! I definitely look forward to trying out another Wandering Wednesday!

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